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Lord of the rings is one of the greatest books and films ever made. It takes place in Middle Earth. A hobbit, named Frodo Baggins, must destroy the one ring, once owned by his uncle Bilbo Baggins. The ring can only be destroyed in one place. Mount Doom, a fiery volcano where in the heart of it the ring be destroyed. The creator of the ring is Sauron. He had the ring until he was defeated by Isildur. Now all that is left of him is spirit. The ring survived, so he also survived and by destroying the ring, he will also be destroyed. With the help from his companions, Gandalf a wizard, Merry, Pippin and Sam the hobbits, Legolas an elf, Gimli a dwarf, Boromir a steward of gondor and Aragorn a ranger and heir to the throne of Gondor, the city of men. What will the outcome be? Will the ring be destroyed, or will Sauron obtain the ring and all hope fail?
My favorite characters are:
LegolasIsildurGil GaladGandalfFaramirCelebornBoromirAragorn

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