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<i>Im Airethoniel Tinuviel, im alda halla laurea miriel minel.</i>
<br> Dont ask me what that means exactly, I forget :P I found it out a year ago using an online elvish/english dictionary.<br><br> NEwho, im one you may call "obsessed". Others call me "odd" or "a fool of a took" (well not exactly...i just thought of that two seconds ago). I am totally in love with the books and movies, although i am only 13 i still understand almost completely every little detail about Lord of the Rings. <br><br> I also love Pirates of the Caribbean....notice a pattern? Orlando Bloom is in both of those movies. I thought he looked good as an elf..but WOW hes gorgeous as a pirate. <br><br> And the last thing i am going to spend time to type, with my very cold fingers, is that I love horses. I have been taking lessons usually once a week for the past two years, and just this week I am half-leasing an ex-racehorse thoroughbred "Oliver". He is only 8 years old, and i've become a fair part of his training. <br><br> I'll stop boring you for now, ciao! <i>
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin TookLegolasFaramirAragorn

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