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The Prince of Rohan
Anjac, Grandson of Faramire and Eowyn. He is the next in line for the throne of Rohan. He is the conection between the land of Gondor and the Shier. He is the one that has convinced the small band of Elves to return to Middle Earth.

He Stands Sixfeet and one inch tall. He has brown curly hair and he has light blue eyes. He carries a Bow and is the besst archer in Rohan. He has saved many a villages from the Random Orc Raid or ROR.

He carries a Bow maid by the Elves. He has a sword that was once carried by His GrandFather, and He also carries with him his GrandMothers Sword, and He wears only light chainmail.

He has been in charge of the millitary for just over a year. He is seventeen. He has a Horse that is white with grey spots. Its name is Blizzard. He has very good relations with the Gondorians. He has been trying for years to gain contact with the dawarves. Yet They are not very friendly with the Men of Rohan. They do not like their relationship with the Elves.

Anjac has been in a few larg arguments with some daxarves and for the first time in history there is likely going to be a war between men and dawarves.

Anjac is already beloved by his people. He has proven his compashion with his helpping those that need it. He has given the poorer of his people free banquits on acashion.

The Rohirum have not been organized in a way as they are under the leadership of Anjac sence Eyomer. The worrieors all love him and they would follow him into the depths of Moria. Now however there is a bigger problem.

The Elves have found a distubing fact in the south. Sauron has had an unseen heir rise from the shadows so to speak. He is reorganizing the legions of mordor. He is now the new problem. Anjac will play an important part in freeing middle earth........................ again.
My favorite characters are:
Faramir - He is Loyal, even when he has no real insentive to be with how his father treats him. Then he becomes King of Rohan.Boromir - He may have been tempted to take the ring, Yet then again so was everyone else. He Made up for it though, he tried to find Frodo and appologize, and he then saved Merry and Pippen, Taking three Arrows before he fell. That is what I call strength of heart.

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