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The Lord of the Rings and Me
Hello! I'm Ana Miguel Mendes and i just LOVE The Lord of The Rings. Since the first time i saw the movie i have been colecting photos of the actors and of other things. I even know how to speak a little bit of Elvish...It is a beautiful language, i must admit.
My idol is Orlando Bloom, but my favourite actor on this Trilogy is the brilliant actor Sir Ian McKellen who plays Gandalf (the grey and the white ). Now, lets talk about me... i'm 15 years old, i love Art, so i paint and draw... I also love cinema and Special Effects, that's why i love this movie so much. I must tell you as well that i'm Portuguese but i learned English in school, like any other person. I also am studying to be a Fashion Designer. Tha's all i have to say about me for now! Bye!
My favorite characters are:
Saruman - He was once good but what i really love about him is his voice, his authority...Theoden - I love Theoden since i saw, i think it's the scene 3 of the Return of the King Special Edition, just watch it. It is worth it!Legolas - Is the most beautiful thing in the Trilogy...he really is a prince, and his help is precious in the fellowship.Gimli - He is the funniest of all! Gandalf - He is a very important caracther in the movie because i commands the soldiers of Gondor in the battle of Pelennor Fields and he is also a very sweet caracther!Galadriel - I think Galadriel is the most Misterious and the most beautiful Elf (women ) in the trilogy. And i love her voice!Frodo Baggins - He is the Ring Bearer, and that takes a lot of courage to take the Ring to Mordor and try to destroy itEowyn - i think she is one of the bravest in the trilogy, because even knowing that it is forbidden for a women to go to war, she goes anywayEomer - I love his helmet and i love the way he fightsAragorn - i like him because he is a brave man, who at first runs away from his destiny but then he assumes is place has king of Gondor in Minas Tirith

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