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Hi my name is Hayden Lyon I live in a small town near Wodonga called Barnawatha I like some one in my school her name is Louren I go 2 Wodonga Primary school. When grow up i want 2 be in the air force. I love moterbike rideing and i love sports i'v got 2 football trophies and a lot of b-ball sutifacets along with a b-ball trophie. I got alot of friends at so i'l just say my best friends. Bill Phill Matt Nic AND Jakeb. I got a couple of friends that r girls Melissa Beanca who likes me Mikalia. And i sort of got hint 4 the gyes out there who likes a girl never tell a girl that u like them unless u knw they like u thats so they can't say well i hate u or well i like this person or i'm going out with someone. MOVIES my favourite movie is the lotr return of the king i like nearly all war movies defenitely the sword fighting ones.
My mum and dad broke up when i was in prep i got 3 step brothers 2 of them r twins thats on my dads side and i got a half brother name Charley who is only 3 years old. My mum is actuly a lezbian but i don't care because if there'v got a problem with me or mum because of that then i don't want 2 be there friend they mitent agree with being gay and stuff thats alright but that shouldn't stop them from likeing them. My favourite band is green day and i love Trouble at the disco and Good charlotte and also simple plan.
My favorite characters are:
Aragorn - I like aragorn cause his sword and he's a man i i think he's cool and 1 of the main charecters and he's a heroBoromir - Boromir i didn't like until he saved the hobitsFaramir - I like him cause i feel realy srry 4 him and a like him in the game with him in itGandalf - gandalf because he's a bit of a hero and a like him when he's gandalf the whiteGimli - Gimli because he's realy funny and compedativeLegolas - Because because he's realy compedative and he's smart

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