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You think you love Lord of the Rings? You havn't met Me!!!
I say that the Lord of the Rings series is the best series of books i have ever read. When i first heard about the books i didn't think it sounded to good, but when everyone started liking them i read them. MAN am I GLAD i did that!!!!!!! I have never found anything i have liked more that these books. I was so engrossed in theese books i couldn't put them down. occasionally you would see me walking around with one of the books in my hand, and most the time i ran into something!!!!!!! All the bumps and bruises were worth it.
I was amazed at how well J.R.R. Tolkien could write! He came up with such great idea's!!! Though with all the strange characters like-hobbits, elves, orks, Ents, and all the other amazing creatures he thought up *Aragorn* and *Legolas* are by FAR my FAVORITE!!! They do so many cool things and know so many interesting facts.They seemed fearless. I have always loved how Legolas and Gimli have fought over who could kill more in battle, it is so funny!
I am in love with the series!!!(seriously ask my family or friends they know how obsessed i am!!!)
My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - He is cool! I love how he can talk!! Gandalf - The coolest dude EVER!!!!!!!!Gollum/Smeagol - I like smeagol more. He is sweet in my opinion. He is also really cool.Legolas - BOO YEAH!!! He is always ready to fight and he is soooo awesome!!! he knows so many cool things!!Eowyn - I love how even though she is a girl she goes to battle anyway and kills Sauron!!! She is fearless and determined!Arwen - I love how she never gives up hope and she is prettyAragorn - I love Aragorn!!! He is soooooooooo cool! I love how determined he is and how he is always ready to fight!

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