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All About Lady Aredhel Ar-Feiniel
*Once upon a time, in a land not so far away (well, depending on where you are), a little Elven princess was born....or something like that. I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA on 11-2-82. I have a big family (5 brothers, 2 sisters, 8 nieces, 5 nephews, and 1 on the way), two cats, Frodo and Scout, and a dog named Mithrasana. My family is my world, especially my nieces and nephews. I work for the City of Knoxville's call center, answering phones, taking city service requests, and giving out general city information.
*I love books and movies. Some of my faves are "The Princess Bride", "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", "The Breakfast Club", "Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and "Rat Race". I'm not a big partier, but I like to go out sometimes and I turn into a dancing machine after a couple of drinks (which is pretty funny b/c I have no rhythm!) Some of my fave music: Switchfoot, Jason Mraz, Norah Jones, Matchbox 20. And when I'm bored I go to this park by the Tennessee River and sit on a wooden swing and chill.
*I'm usually quiet, mature & intelligent, but I'm a bit silly sometimes, and I've got a warped sense of humor. I'm quite a kid at heart, and will sit for hours watching cartoons and playing with kids, who seem to love me. I'm pretty easy-going, but if you make me mad, look out.
*I saw a preview for LOTR and fell in love immediately. I've read it and The Silmarillion three times. The world is beautiful and the characters amazing. It's changed my entire outlook on life, and no matter how much I may love other stories, LOTR will always hold the top place in my heart.
*The artwork pictured here is not mine (though I wish I were so talented). It's titled Lindar Elf and is by a very talented artist named Daniel Govar. Visit him at www.danielgovar.com.
My favorite characters are:
Gandalf - He's just awesome.Gollum/Smeagol - I don't know why I like him....it could be just because the character in the movie is so darn cool!Frodo Baggins - Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.Aragorn - Who doesn't love an honorable king?Arwen - Man would I love to be her!Faramir - Everything I love in a guy....brave, courageous, noble, intelligent, and handsome.

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