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What does the Lord of the Rings means to me?<br><br>It is a story, maybe the greatest piece of work of the last century. While reading it you kind of escape into another reality, one that especially in these days seems to be very often better than the one we live in. <br><br>In Middle-Earth values like loyalty, friendship and honour are still alive... they exist. I guess that is one reason why so many people (including me) love Tolkiens work. He shows us a universe so complexe that you almost forget that it is just a story.<br><br>I think it is exactly this message that PJ had in his movies. Alright: Frodo and Sam were never in Osgiliath and Haldir not at Helms Deep but is this so important? What Tolkiens work is about is put into the movies and in my opinion that is what counts.
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - In my opinion the most important character in the whole story. He is the one who helps Frodo find his way no matter what he has to go through to do this. Pure loyalty and friendship that is what Sam symbolise to me. Someone you can trust no matter what wiPeregrin Took - Pippin... a young hobbit who lives from one day to another is suddenly brought into a situation he could not deal with very well. But he kind of grows on his voyage with the fellowship. He becomes a person who he might have never been if he would not haveBoromir - He is a great man, favourite son of Denethor, who is used to achieve what he wants. His inner fight between the lust for the ring and his promise to protect the ringbearer is so well brought to the movie. While watching FOTR I do not see an actor playing
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