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Hello there!
My name is Stacey and I am an ever growing fan of The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings. I still have alot to learn, but I am looking forward to the new secrets that may be unvailed to me.
I am 15 and currently studying for my GCSE's next year. Since I was 5 I have been a massive fan of Magic and adventure. I am also a massive fan of Harry Potter. Books are like my best friend (not that I am a geek or anything) but I get so involved with books that when I read them I feel like I am the character.
I Have a huge imagination and very good at english (except for punctuation and things lol! ).
All my friends are the best! They have been so kind to me and for that I thank them! They do the most incredable things, and they really are miracles!
I think the reason why I like Lord of the Rings is because I find it so amazing that one person could come up with a whole new world, with so many cultures and languages. Tolkien is a very extroadinary man, and I still honour him to this day.
I can also associate some of the Lord of the Rings to me. There are so many things in the story that really hit home, and if you carefully depict the story, im sure everyone can find something of them inside it to.
Well that is enough of me!
My favorite characters are:
TreebeardSamwise GamgeeLegolasGandalfGaladrielFrodo BagginsEowynElrondBilbo BagginsArwenAragorn

Contact me:

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