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warriors of west march, followers of lucanzie
as you can tell im the secondary axe warrior that came from a distance land also known as the waste lands of the west. our leader lucanzie who got murdered by an assasin. the clan searched. then we found the assasin. she had to be executed for the crime she commited. our leader said that we all have to follow our own path to destroy evil that lurks. <br>my warrior skills have brought my strenght, dexterity, and my vitality. i am now ready to destroy evil that comes in my way. i am also a black smith, creating axes amd armour. on my way to middle earth i got attacked by a mountain troll, but i was saved by my friend sir norseman. he is the best javilien thrower, good accuratcy, perfect power. he killed all the orcs. my only job was to kill the mountain troll, i tossed my ballanced axe and its head fell off. when we saw the gates that lead to the kingdom of the north tribes we stayed there overnight so that we can regain energy. in the morning we bought horses, armour, and weapons. we had to hurry because orcs and two overlords went ofter us. when i was a child i was thought the way the warriors were trained.<br>i was traind by a druid, he thought me about transforming into a werebear and summon animals, i was also thought by necro's i was able to summon undead warriors, golems and curse my enemies. so i am a driud/necromancer. the ultimate warrior and i have the power of a barbarian- steel wirlwind. that move is when i spin around very very very fast with axes on my hand. the only axe i have right now is the giant axe.<br>a huge axe and powerful. i also can do leap attack- i junp into the air and i slam a maul on the ground.<br><br>i have black hair, brown eyes, in between skinny and chuby, brown skin.<br>favourite sports are basketball, and footy<br>12 boy toronto<br>type of songs i like are rock and my favourite bands are linkin park papa roach and project wyze
My favorite character is:
Gimli - his power to weild an axe and how he can throw an axe with one hand
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