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Well...err... Obviously I LOVE lord of the rings both the film and the books. I couldn't possible choose a favourite character as I loved them all, but obviously Sauron is my least favourite. I'm dying to see the two towers as the book was brilliant and I have already booked my tickets! <br><br>Anyway about me..... I love music and films and I plan to be a film/music director as soon as I leave school (I'm 15). Music especially plays a big part in my live both to listen to and to be a part of and I sing and play the guitar.<br><br>I like honest people...and I would like to think I was an open minded person. I like people for who they are and I accept most people no matter what colour, sexuality, gener or religion. And I would hope that all of my friends are like that also.<br><br>Going back to music I love rock, and most kinds of rock from heavy metal to classic rock. Some of my favourite bands are Korn, Oasis, Queen, Nirvana and Pink Floyd.<br><br>I'm apparently quite out going and I think that's quite accurate and I hope that if u talk to me u will be able to tell.
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