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<i>Elen sila lumenn omentielvo! </i><br><br> I love everything Lord of the Rings, especially the elven and hobbit cultures. I also enjoy writing, acting, studying languages, and playing PS2. My favourite music is punk, especially New Found Glory, Sum 41, and Sugarcult. I love all the Lord of the Rings video games, Spyro, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater. I write mostly poetry and LOTR fan fiction, but I also do original fantasy stories. Hablo espanol, ich spreche auch ein bisschen Deutsch. I also love surfing the web for LOTR fan sites, and playing around with my friend's hobbit roleplaying site, <u>http://www.avidgamers.com/theshire</u> I am also very passionate about politics, especially environmental protection. What can I say, I'm doing it for Treebeard! <br><br><br> <br>
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - He is so compassionate and loyal! If it was at all in his power he defended Frodo, even though it meant following him into the land of shadow. I wish my friends were like this!Peregrin Took - Every story needs comic relief!Meriadoc Brandybuck - As a hobbit he had lived oblivious to world affairs, but when the chance came he was as wise and strong as any member of the fellowship.Gollum/Smeagol - I feel so sorry for him! It was so unfair that his entire life was destroyed by Sauron's corruption. Often he gets called a villian, but really his actions were out of his control.Galadriel - She is the wisest and most powerful elf at the time of the third age, yet she is generous and treats others as equals. She was willing to show kindess to Gimli, even though their races are enemies, and she's so beautiful and magical as well!Eowyn - She is strong willed and brave despite the &quot;cage&quot; her society put around her. That is admirable!Frodo Baggins - Yeah, I know, this isn't very original, but he IS my favourite. He is so innocent, and he puts the well being of strangers over his own comfort.
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