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Bento Padfood
Hi all !
Nice to join with you, guys, I've nothing friends in this cyber world, but in real life i/ve so many friends, well, it's my first time to join with you all.
Ok, let me show you all some thing about my self,
my name name is Bento Padfood, from New York, USA
I like writing, and so of course reading, It's may talk about my Hobby.
I still 17th years old, and i'm student.
Ok, that's all about my self, now,
would you like to be my first friend in this world widest net ?
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - Legolas, with his arrow, no body can stop his actionGandalf - Gandalf the Wizard, i like a both of Gandalf character, Gandalf the white, or Gandalf the Grey, He's so great.Gimli - Gimly the Dwarf, he's cute with the great axe in his aram, no one enemy that can fight him.Eowyn - She'is the white lady from Rohan, really she's beautiful, and bravelyFrodo Baggins - He's the great character in this story, the rings takker. Frodo should ford to destroy the rings to land of Mordor, He's BravelyArwen - She's an elven, altought she chooser to stay with aragorn than have along life to be an perfect elven, She's so beautifulAragorn - He's a good and the Best character in this story, He's so strong and bravelyMeriadoc Brandybuck - Merry, he's so bravelyPeregrin Took - Pippin, I like Pippin, he's so great, and bravely.Samwise Gamgee - The royal Gardener, He's so brave, he's so loyalty with his lord.

Contact me:

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