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Beregond- Guard of the White Tower-Son of Baranor
<b><br>My real name is Chris, im 18 years old and in grade 11 (I was put into Kindergarten when I was 6 and i failed grade 6). I love Lord of the Rings, and the thing about the movies/books is that they were written by a Christian author-J.R.R. Tolkien. I like Beregond's character because he's friendly and noble.<br>Anyway-I like to skateboard/snowboard, my fav. movies are (in this order) Lord of the Rings, Star wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, and Spiderman.<br>theres a little bout me-if you wanto to know more than just ask.
My favorite characters are:
Theoden - At first under the spell of Saruman but then Gandalf the White comes and free's him from his curse. Theoden leads the defence at Helms Deep-and they are victorius.Meriadoc BrandybuckSamwise Gamgee - He helps Frodo destroy the One Ring.Legolas - He's the Prince of Mirkwood and is defintely the smartest one one of the bunchGimli - In the second movie-he's definitely the comic relief and he hates it when people insults his muscles. He's also a brave warrior.Galadriel - Also gets tempted by the ring but resists itGandalf - He defeats the Balrog, leads the Fellowship as far as Moria, defeats Saruman and becomes Gandalf the White, then he assists in the defence of Gondor by being wherever he is needed.Frodo Baggins - Frodo I admire the most, he must carry the ring to Mordor and resist it in the mean time, he has the heaviest burden of all and yet he never gives upEowyn - She may be a fair maiden, but she loves to fightEomer - A brave WarriorBilbo Baggins - caring, but still has a deep desire for the ringBoromir - Fights until the bitter endElrond - Future Father to the King and Queen of GondorAragorn - Wise and Noble like a King of GondorArwen - Beautiful and also wiseTreebeard - The Leader of the Ents-he leads the attack at Isengard and the Ents destroy Isengard
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