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I would like to think im the biggest lord of the rings fan ever, but i no im not.

I watched the films before i read the books, as soon as i watched fellowship of the ring, i became toilken mad, i could'nt get the lord of the rings out of my head. "You no when u fall in love for the first time and you get the felling inside you, thats how i felt towards lord of the rings" i read 'the hobbit' first, then moved onto 'the lord of the rings' i wanted everythink to do with toikens world i wanted the maps to study middle earth, so i knew it like the back of my hand. I wanted all the games on ps2 a, i got all the dvds, cinema and extended virsions. Most importantly i wanted to be part of middle earth.

My gilfriend dumped me, my mom and dad had forgot about me, i was a distant memory, the reason being i was locked up in my room studying the lotr and the hobbit.

My favorite character is:
Samwise Gamgee

Contact me:

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