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My name is John and i am currently 15. I live in the US and i started 2 read LOTR after i read The Hobbit when i was 12. I was hooked to the book after the first chapter, i even put down my video games aside 2 read the books and that is rare. My view on middle-earth is that it is a fascinating world that could link to the history of our world, but of course i don believe that foolishness! Tolkien is a great author and a great thinker. I have 2 say that my favorite character is Boromir. Even though his wanting 4 the ring over took him in the end of the fellowship! And tried 2 take it from frodo after he swore an oath 2 protect him. But he redeemed his bad deed and fought and defended bravly till he was slain in the beginning of the two towers.
My favorite quote from boromir is,"The ring would give me power of command. How i would drive the hosts of Mordor, and all men would flock to my banner." and this quote,"If any mortals have claim to the ring, it is the men of Numenor, and not halflings. It is not your save by unhappy chance. It might of been mine. It sould be mine. Give it to me!"
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