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Unlike most other lotr fans ive read the books seen the movies and read the prequels and sequels to the lord of the rings trilogy. I am awaitng a new strategy game called battle for middle earth 2 coming in stores march 10th. I am the captain of the guard of Belfalas a Gondorian city harbour built with numerian stoneworks. If use have read the books use all shall know what i am talking about. I have spelt captain incorrectly to indicate that i am not another player who loves Minis Tirith and the gondor we only saw in the movies but the gondor i have read about in the books. I am looking forward to capture the one ring to improve and make the harbour city of Belfalas well known. I shall not fail my brethren which are half human anf half elvish. I cannot wait to play this amazing online game with my partner which will be unknown to all. I will make sure that the forces of evil are withheld near minis tirith and do not come a step closer to my city. But if the fight will be on my doorstep then so be it!!!! This is one of the captain of the guards signing out with great respect for both my allies,thy friends and most importantly do not underestimate and show respect to my enemies.
My favorite characters are:
Gimli - A dwarf but the bravest,most courageous and the greatest dwarf and the better fighter of legolas,although i believe they r both very much evenly matched.Theoden - The great King of Rohan who saved his people and rode to the aid of the ones who did not come to his aid and put honour above of betryal and vengance to Denethor for not coming to his aid in Helms deep.Faramir - A captain of Gondor till the end and held Osgiliath long enough but required his fathers love he was one of the bestGandalf - A wizard which made sure that the fate of middle earth was the correct one. Although a strong wizard the Witch king did brake his staff!!Eomer - Another great captain and leader of the Rohirim and will always lead his rohirm to victory and never defeat and for that i congratulate him. An example of his many vistories would be in helms deep when he lead his army of 6000 rohirim and defeated nearly twice his number in uruks. But there would have been only 7-8000 left when he charged them.Boromir - Borimir a loyal captain of gondor till the bitter end. He fought bravely and was pierced by many arrows but couldve survived if he wanted the aid of the ranger aragornAragorn - The king ofcourse the man which accomplished what no other man could do which is toreject the ring. Isildur even failed in doing that but Aragorn remained loyal and commited to his task with Gondor and the people/creatures of middle earth.

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