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Like many, I discovered Tolkien in my early years, and he is the standard to which I hold all other writers of fantasy, including myself. Besides C.S. Lewis, his close friend, I have yet to find anyone of Tolkiens caliber. Though I admit some trepidation to his works being made in to a movie, I am grateful that they have re-awakened in me my passion for this old englishman's work. The detail with which Middle Earth was created forever fascinates me, and it is a place of beauty that I can retreat to when I am world-weary. I would also like to thank my friend and my sister here, in front of everbody, for giving me the red leather, embossed edition of Lord of the Rings for Christmas last year, for yea verily I hath coveted it since I, was like, nine.<br>For anyone interested, read a book called Tolkien's Letters. His son Christopher collected many various letters written by his father to others, and in it you gain an unprecedented view of the creation of a literary work of art, and the great, gentle and loving man behind it. Let me just end by saying that if by some divine chance of the universe a djinn's lamp was dropped in my hands, I would be walking into front door of Bagend the next second after.
My favorite characters are:
Gandalf - Power, truth, humor, heartTreebeard - I think I met him in a forest in Montana
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