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Welcome To My Life
Hey! I`m new to this site right now so I`d just want to tell you about myself. I`m 19 years old and female. You would not tell by the name.

I enjoy many things:
-Music (I listen to country, jazz, pop, classical, alternative and modern and classic rock.)
-Writing (I write LOTR short stories which do not work out well most times as I give up on one I am trying to write.)
-Singing ( I am a first soprano and I enjoy singing in choirs...only I have to join one somewhere.)
-LOTR (Why do you think I`m here for?)
-Animals (I love cats and wild animals particularly the wolf and the horse. I am planning to work in the animal industry with cats.)
-Reading (I enjoy fantasy, non-fiction- this means history, bios and other things. I have a big thing for fantasy at the moment but I used to read John Grisham.
-Yoga (Just starting this again- I should be doing it all the time but I haven`t found someone in town as an instructor yet.)
-Fairies (I love them and anything else that has to do with magic and mystery. I find myself looking up to the sky for UFOS. Don`t laugh-it`s true.)

How I got hooked on LOTR

It all started shortly after the first movie came out on video. My brother had read the books and watched the movie and he liked it so he got my mom to buy a copy. I said that I would not watch but ended up sitting down and seeing it anyway. You could say that it was love at first sight when I found this video. I have now read the Hobbit, the trilogy twice and The Silmarilion once.I soon will move out of my house after I finish college and my dream is to create a LOTR atmosphere no matter what other people think.
My favorite characters are:
Samwise GamgeePeregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckGrima WormtongueGandalfGaladrielFaramirEowynElrondCelebornBoromirAragorn

Contact me:

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