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<u><i><b>LOTR LIFE: </b></i></u>I'm CiaranCalvarion... son of an Elven Maiden and an Istari Councellor.<br>Abandoned in the Shire where I grew among wonderful Halflings though never brought up by them. I learnt how to take care of myself for those first 500 years of my life.<br><br>After that I had outgrown the Shire and moved to Imladris, a fair Elven city (founded in LOTRPlaza www.lotrplaza.com) where I befriended many Elves.<br><br>I was adopted by an undead Nazgul named Lulani in my times in Imladris which made me brother of Hador (High Councellor of Rohan; once a Steward of Gondor), Astaldoreiel (Fair Elven Maiden), Blinded By Fear (Istari Councellor), Aleluya (also an order of the Istari); and became uncle to Leyowena (an Elven Ranger) and golberri (an Enting).<br><br>I am engaged... I was wondering the Pubs in Rivendell when I met a beautiful maiden... more beautiful that Luthien Tinuviel! And in a few weeks we will be wed!<br><br><br><i><b><u>REAL LIFE</u>: </b></i>I am Ciaran Gibso, of Belfast in Ireland. At 13 years old I am very wise in the ways of the world. Well, until I discovered LOTRPlaza @ www.lotrplaza.com.<br>I was surfing the net after watching the movie and as I read the books... I found LOTRPlaza and I have been there nearly a year! I am an old member and very respected. It is the best. Though, everything becomes tiresome and so has the Plaza... well at least until the release of TTT.<br><br>I found this site only today and I was wondering if I could help in improvements of the Forums. We will have to wait and see.<br><br>At 13, life is a blast and I am living it to the full... taking risks and even covering my WHOLE room in LOTR posters which my mum has asked me to take down on numerous occasions! I will always like LOTR and I hope to write a book when I am about 15. It wil be a series Science-Fiction and my friend's father is willing to send it on to an Irish publisher. We will have to wait and see ^_-
My favorite characters are:
Theoden - I love Rohan the best... but not Men... so the Elves are for me... but the King of Rohan is da BOMB!Meriadoc Brandybuck - Swore his life to Théoden!Peregrin Took - Funny in the movie!Samwise Gamgee - His friendship with Frodo and his promise was enough for me to like him.Gimli - Elffriend... the only dwarf that won't tease Elves.Gollum/Smeagol - He's funny... I loved the way he spoke.Legolas - My IDOL! I'm a guy so I don't fancy him! :SGil Galad - Three for the Elven Kings... he is one of them! I like Elves in general anyway!Gandalf - I loved his fireworks... in the movie and books. He is very wise and well... he can zap people! :)Galadriel - I liked Nenya so I guess I have to like Gally too!Frodo Baggins - In the animated version, I liked his Afro! *g*Eowyn - Eowyn... whats not to like about her??? She was brillaint as Dernhelm and Miranda Otto is YUM!Eomer - I liked him because of his will to disobey Théoden to save his people... the Mark ROCKS!Elrond - Because of his home mostly... I loved hearing about the Last Homely House in TH and LOTR!Celeborn - Celeborn is a dominant Elf and I like him because he is King of the Wood of Light!Bilbo Baggins - Bilbo is a funny man... I loved his adventures in the Hobbit!Arwen - Fairest Elven maiden after Tinuviel... she is very brave after giving her life to Aragorn Ellesar.Treebeard - Sooooooo cool! A tree with a face... why wouldn't he be cool?
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