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No Clue What to Put, lol

Hi, yah I am kinda the person that if they are obsessed with somthing then they love to know teeny tiney detailes involving that thing, like The Lord of the Rings for example. If you know random facts that are kinda interesting about the characters or anything that would be awesome to know, but if you think that would waste more of your time you don't have too.
I am a teen, but I won't reveal my age. I live in Montana. I know right HIC VILLE but it isn't.......in some parts like the cities and the mountains are really amazing. but you probably don't care.
I just got the new Inheiratance trilogy anf it is AWESOME, for those of you who don't know it is the sequel to the Eragon book.
What REALLY HOOKED ME about lord of the rings was LEGOLAS (in the movies not the books), and of course not knowing what was going to happen next (in the books) Yah i don't really have much to say right now i will update later..or whatever you do here.
My favorite characters are:
Celeborn - I love him becasue he is in the books at random moments and he saves Frodos live, which they kinda screwed up in the movies but whatever.Eomer - I honor him because he is very noble and doesn't fight with his sister a lot (as far as i know)Faramir - I think he is very cute in the movies, and the facts that his father liked his brother better was really sad. Frodo Baggins - Elijah Wood did a very good job portraying him in the movies, that is just how i pictured him. I love his eyes in the movie and his ditermination. and just that he believes there is good in everybody, which I kinda believe except for Sauron and Voldemort oh and Emperor Palpatine...heheGandalf - He rocks because he is so wise andd wicked with the staff. It is always so much fun to play him on the game. I like Gandalfs outfit better as the white wizard, but his attitude kinda scared me as the powerful being. I missed his jokes and his sense of humour. but I think he does get some of it back. Legolas - OMG, I love Legolas becasue he is an ELF and Elfs are cool. He can kick ass with the bow and he never messes up his hair fighting. but i also like Orlando Bloom, who plays him...so yah. Peregrin Took - He is so funny and cute. In that hobbity way, and he always messes up and somtimes he doesn't realise what he has done. by the end of the trilogy he seems to get wiser.........ummmmm.....but only a little.

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