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I am extremely fond of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, as well as The Hobbit and J.R.R. Tolkien's other works. Most of my friends feel the same way about it, although none of them are as obsessed with it as I am. I like reading books like Tolkien's, because I feel like I'm actually there with the characters. I can see the scenery with my mind's eye.
My favorite characters are:
Gimli - Gimli's friendship with Legolas really made me like him. I mean, he's just overcome centuries of feuding to have an elf as a friend.Gandalf - What is there to say about Gandalf? He's obviously not "mortal" like the rest of the Nine Walkers are. He's supernatural!Frodo Baggins - Frodo is amazing. How someone could carry that terrible burden with them for so long and not succumb to temptation would be almost impossible.Aragorn - Aragorn is the really strong character of the bunch. If it wasn't for him, most of the others would have been doomed, I think.Legolas - Legolas is awesome. If you've watched The Return Of The King, you'd have seen how he killed that Oliphaunt. That was awesome.Meriadoc Brandybuck - Merry is really mischevious, and he bounces back really quickly.Peregrin Took - Pippin is just as mischevious as Merry, only more so.Samwise Gamgee - The world needs more people like Sam, who stayed with Frodo till the end. If the world was full of people like him, then the world would be a much better place.

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