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Cougar Kitten. All About ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<br><b>hi all!</b><br>i am CougarKitten, also known as Tinania(the elvish of my name). i am 17 and live in England, tho am mostly Irish.<br>i <b>love</b> the lord of the rings, and reading in general. i also love being with my friends, esp the lotr obsessed ones he he he. i love art and painting and stuff, and my fav animal are cats!!!!!!!!! i am a vegetarian, and love pizza and pasta loads!!! i am always esting it seems, but its ok, cos i remain petite and quite skinny. my fav colour is definatly purple. i am at college so soz if i am not on here all the time! and i am quite a beginner at all of this so i'll apoligise now. oh and my spelling is <i>terrible</i>! i am sorry for that too. <br>well, feel free to talk to me, or recomend things on here to see and do!<br>Do chara baun (loadza love from) CouKi <br>(hehehe, my shortened name sounds like cookie!!! i love then too!!!)<br>xXx
My favorite characters are:
Meriadoc Brandybuck - merry and pippen, what aSamwise Gamgee - i love sam! he is frodo's strength!Peregrin Took - pair!!! love both, specially at the end!!!Legolas - hehehe love legolas, such beauty and grace, i love his fighting too!!!!Gandalf - Amazing!Aragorn - WOW! so fit, and powerful and all round wonderous!!!!!! what a fighter!Frodo Baggins - aarr frodo! such a strong hobbit, gotta feel for him!Faramir - Gotta love him, i love his powers too
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