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Hi!I'm Claire!
I have a best friend called Abigail who is a big fan of Lord Of The Rings too.She has all three films on dvd!
The best bit on Lord Of The Rings is on the last film,when Gandalf is galloping in the streets of Minas Tirith.Whats your best bit?
My fave character on Lord Of The Rings has to be Arwen.She's so pretty!Don't you agree?My dad and me are going to make her Butterfly Crown!Can't wait!!
Also,my favoutite character is Leogolas,because he is a good archer and an Elf.
Who is your fave character?
I'll write in again soon.But in the meantime,bye!

My favorite characters are:
Legolas - I like Legolas because he is an Elven Archer,because is strong and looks cute.Gandalf - I like Gandalf because he saves the other 8 companions on the first film/ he is willing to give his life to save others and also has a beautiful horse called Shadowfax.The Lord Of All Horses.Galadriel - I like Galadriel because she is beautiful and is a queen of a magical forest.Eowyn - I like Eowyn because she has a will to fight.Frodo Baggins - I like Frodo because he is the RingBearer and is very kind.Aragorn - I like Aragorn because he is a good fighter and he looks kinda nice.Arwen - I like Arwen because she is so pretty, she has lovely long hair and because she is an Elven Princess.

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