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My name is Crizy and i love reading and i am very friendly.I love the Film film the lord of the rings.I have so many characters i like but the the ones i like best are Legolas Frodo Gandalf Sam Merry Pippin Aragorn and the great lord Elrond.Arwen is also nice.I think the film is an inspiration and the books are also worth reading.
My favorite characters are:
Arwen - She is fair and beautiful and i love her eyes.Aragorn - He is handsome and very brave.Thats why i like him.Elrond - His power of foresight is what i admire the most .He is indeed THe GREAT LORD OF RIVENDELL!!!!!Frodo Baggins - He is so sweet and brave.He was so ready to sacrifice his life for the destiny of others.He is indeed FRODO OF THE SHIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!Gandalf - he IS POWEWRFUL and strong in heart without guidance the fellowship would not get far.Gollum/Smeagol - i like smeagols voice and the way he lusts for the ring.Isildur - Ils was a great warrior and KingLegolas - Legolas is the one i love the best.His pointed ears,his lovely eyes and long dazzling hair is remarkable.I like the way he could sense danger and when he shoots with his Bow and Arrow.He is just one heavy ELF.Meriadoc Brandybuck - I like becos he was brave and looked after Pippin.Peregrin Took - I like the way he always created mischief.Samwise Gamgee - SAmwise is a hero and a faithful friend.He helped Frodo all the way but even Frodo drove him away and one point but he was willing stay Sam was is agood friend everyone should have.Sauron - ALL LIKE ABOUT HIM IS HIS POWER AND HOW HE MADE THE RING.anD HE IS REALLY TALL.

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