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Sauron's Layer in Mordor, triaval questions
welcome to the dark lord's webpage. if you are interested in lord of the rings information, you have come to the wrong place. i don't know much about it. but if you think you know alot here is a triava to find out if you are a lotr guru. <br>What major river must you cross when travelling from Rivendell to Mirkwood?<br>Answer: Anduin (The Great River)<br>What was the name of the sword that Gandalf bore?<br>Answer: Glamdring<br>What was the name of Frodo's father?<br>Answer: Drogo<br>Who did Sm&amp;eacute;agol murdur and take the One Ring from?<br>Answer: Deagol<br>On what date did Bilbo and Frodo share a birthday?<br>Answer: September 22nd<br>On what date were the companions attacked on Weathertop?<br>Answer: October 6th<br>What gift did Gimli request request from Galadriel in Lothlorien?<br>Answer: A single strand of her hair.<br>What is another name for Minas Tirith?<br>Answer: Minas Anor (Tower of the Setting Sun) or Tower of Guard<br>What Ring of Power did Gandalf wield?<br>Answer: Narya, Ring of Fire<br>What did Gandalf's Ring of Power do to Men?<br>Answer: It made them courageous and resolute.<br>What were the last two of the Fellowship to depart from Middle-earth?<br>Answer: Gimli and Legolas (they went to the Havens).<br>Who was Thorin Oakensheild's sister?<br>answer: Dis, mother of Fili and Kili.<br>What are the five oldest weapons mentioned in The Hobbit and LotR?<br>Answer: Orcrist, Glamdring, Sting, Anduril (Narsil), Grond<br>When were these weapons forged (see above question)?<br>Answer: In the First Age.<br>Who is the oldest Elf in Lord of the Rings and how old is he?<br>Answer: Cirdan, Lord of the Havens. He is more than 7000 years old!<br>What was the name of Aragorn's son?<br>Answer: Eldarion<br>Insane Questions<br>Where did the Queen Arwen Evenstar die?<br>Answer: Cerin Amroth in Lothlorien<br>What was the Watcher in the Water near the Gates of Moria called?<br>Answer: Kracken (Source: "Tolkien Illustrated Encyclopedia" by David Day)<br>Who was Elrond's paternal grandmother?<br>Answer: Idril<br>
My favorite characters are:
Sauron - hey, my sn says it allLegolas - awsome bow power written all over the placeSaruman - i can't help it, i have a thing for old guys with big staffsIsildur - he may have screwed over all man kind but if you played the two towers cam you know he kicks @$$Gandalf - he maybe old but he can kick you @$$ with that staff of hisUgluk - thats just a cool name, ugluk, almost as good as spleen
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