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Friends:Corey,Victor,Dean,Jesse,Josh,Matt,Paul ect.
Intrists:hangout with friends an play football
Movies I Like:Star Wars Epi. 3 an LOTR Trilogy
Games Styles I Like:Shooters an RPG
Games:LOTR TTA an Area-51

O and it would be better if the stupid game would work.
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - He's the ring berrers friend.Gollum/Smeagol - He's just cool looking and i love his voice it makes me laugh.Legolas - Yahhh!!!!! this dude is my favorite because he's an archer he's funny and also he's my favorite acter. legolas is no.1 .Gimli - He is just so short and funny but basicly funny. and shot. lolGandalf - He's the cool dude wit the staff and mystical powers and he comes back from the dead.Frodo Baggins - I just love the fact that he is the ring barrer and his acting was great.Arwen - She's 1 of my fav elfs other then legolas but anyway i just loved the acting she did it was awsome and because she like aragorn.Aragorn - He's just so skillful at sword fighting and is cool.Treebeard - he's really tall and he diffeted sauroman so easaly

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