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Durelin Durendal
I am the wife of Imilhar, the Captain of Despair,
For only he do I care.
I am a lover of the night,
escaping from the light,
a mistress to the shadows,
listener of the water flows,
dreaming beneath glistening stars,
a product of he that mars,
a bringer of rain,
an acceptor of pain,
belonging to one,
the destroyer of the sun.

My name is Durelin Durendal, or simply Rachel. I am a lover of all kinds of fantasy, but most of all, of the tales of Middle-Earth and Tokien's brilliance. I have a special place in my heart for stories with good evil in them, and all the stories of Middle-Earth are examples of such. I am 16 years old, love writing and reading, am a self-confessed nerd, and am currently madly in love. I am also rather obsessed with The Cure, and am overall a great fan of music, though it is my opinion that music died in '93. Currently, I wish I was in Lorien, listening to the sweet music of the Nimrodel beneath a crescent moon in a star-filled sky and the golden boughs of the mallorn, lying amongst the elanor with my love...
My favorite characters are:
Sauron - along with the Witch King and the Mouth of Sauron, of course!Gil GaladGaladrielFaramirEowynBoromir

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