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Page of middle earth (by Ealorn)
Hi welcome to my page. i am 15. and a boy. ive long random hair that changes colour (Blonde, brown or slightly red) depending on weather and mood. ive bluey green grey red eyes (red in middle). My fav character in lotr has got to be Legolas but the hobbits are funny and stupid, especially Merry and Pippin. My fav film is the first lotr movie although all are amazing. My fav scene is where Legolas takes down the mumakil cus it rocks. Its a bit impossible but sort of do-able. If your super quick and agile. Like me. Not boasting or anything.

I like sports especially tennis, surfing and the like. But my fav hobby is definately climbing trees, which is good cus it builds ur upper body. I have one sister who is fairly annoying and is younger than me.

That is enough about me now. My picture is to the right.
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - Hes got long hair so thats kl. and hes skillful and pretty cool. He looks a bit like a girl no offence to orlando cus he doesnt normally. "Legolas, take him down"- Aragorn Peregrin Took - The funniest. Hes so stupid."Fool of a took"- Gandalf. He always gets on Gandalfs nerves. Meriadoc Brandybuck - Hes funny and stupid although can be sensible at times. Hes so short. "Meriadoc Brandybuck. And Peregrin Took, I should have known"- Gandalf

Contact me:

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