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Hi my name is Elizabeth witch is Earedia in elvish. I love horses although sadly I can't draw them. But animals are hard to draw, I ecxell in drawing people. I like watching movies and reading fantisy books. I wish I couls live in Middle earth it seams so pretty and its about my favorite time frame too.
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin Took - I like Pippin because he is basicly brainless, but he is still so sweet. Samwise Gamgee - I like Sam for his loyalness to Frodo and his strength to go on. Legolas - I like Legolas because if his skill with the bow and I always have liked Elves. In lotr tests I usuly get him for the person I am most like. Meriadoc Brandybuck - I like Merry because he manages to be funny, dumb, and smart at the same time. Gandalf - I like Gandalf Excpecily when he's happy. Gimli - I think Gimli is really funny he has a gruginess that just makes him differant.Eowyn - I love Eowen if I could choose one person in lotr to be like it would be her with her streangth and beauty. Aragorn - I like Aragorn best in the first movie, when he's a little more rugged, dark and mystirious.

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