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enter all that look at the stars
my name is skye eventide. my lotr id is: elentarielessar, which(when broken into two parts- elentari_elessar) means: star-queen_elf-stone

my interests are fencing (swordfighting), music, singing and wicca(modern witchcraft).
i think that pippin is the cutest hobbit, aragorn and faramir are the cutest men, legolas the cutest elf, arwen the prettiest elf and eowyn the prettiest woman.
my favourite tune from all 3 films is "may it be" as it is basically the only one that i listen to and pay attention to. i have this track alone on 5 different cd sets.

john rhys-davies (who plays gimli) has a residence on the isle of man(where i live). my father knows mr. rhys-davies in passing though they don't know each other well.

if anyone could do me a huge favour and try and get even a copy of a signature, i would be very pleased and would try and repay that person in anyway they wish as long as i can do so.
thank you.

thank you very much for your time for viewing this page. i know it is not very good, as i only joined on sunday 21 august 2005, but if you could give me some tips please e-mail me at: caity-b@manx.net and put "tips on page" in the subject line. thank you again.
My favorite characters are:
Aragorn - son of arathorn, isildur's heir, lord of the dunadain, king of gondor, strider, king elessar, wielder of the flame of the west. husband of the fairest maid in all the lands - arwen evenstar, daughter of elrond halfelvenArwen - arwen evenstar, the evenstar of her peopleCeleborn - lord of lothorienElrond - elrond halfelven, the wisest of those that remained in rivendellEomer - lord eomer, the future king of rohan and lord and captain of the rohirrim, and the eorlingasEowyn - the lady of ithilien and rohan, wife of faramir of gondorFaramir - lord and steward of gondor, and ruler of ithilien. husband to the fair maid eowyn of rohanFrodo Baggins - frodo of the nine fingers and lord of bag end. ring-bearerGaladriel - lady of the woods of lothorien. wearer of nenyaGandalf - wisest wizard of all the ages of middle earth.Gimli - gimli son of gloin. member of the fellowship of the ring.Legolas - a fine archer indeed. prince and lord of mirkwoodMeriadoc Brandybuck - sweet hobbit, knight of rohanPeregrin Took - sweet and cute! messenger of the king of gondorSamwise Gamgee - best garderner in all of the shireTheoden - former king of rohan, may he rest in peace eternally

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