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Rivendell-- the Last Homely House
If any of my friends even heard the phrase "Lord of the Rings", they would immediately conjure my image up in their minds. Yes... that's how much I've been trying, though they see it as terrorism to their minds. *shakes head* Non-LOTR-lovers.

I love... no, I'm addicted...no, I'm absolutely obsessed with LOTR. Shamelessly. I enjoy both books and movies although I believe the books are much deeper. Right now I'm trying to get my hands on HoME (although my dad seems somewhat reluctant to buy me anything concerned with LOTR).

My interests & hobbies (excluding LOTR) are writing, reading, astronomy, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, snowboarding, and computers. (Sounds random, no?)

Oh... and I'm an Elf.
My favorite characters are:
Eomer - One of the best in Rohan, and blessed with a great sister too. You deserve the throne of Rohan.Boromir - Impulsive, easily tempted, proud... but would risk his life for a friend. Boromir... you rock.Aragorn - My favorite character of them all... and in my opinion, one of the very essences of LOTR.Arwen - I admire her a lot- her personality, her hair, everything. Just the girl for Aragorn.Eowyn - One of my role models. Enough said.Faramir - More than qualified to marry my role model. Probably would be a good father because he knows how having a bad father can be...Frodo Baggins - Go, little hobbit! You can do it! ...and try to ignore that nasty slinking little creature...Galadriel - Wow. Just wow. And I don't want to think about what it'd be like if she got mad.Gandalf - Man... if he lived anywhere near me, I'd go to him every day for advice. His biggest attribute would be Wisdom.Gimli - He reminds me of my little sister, actually. Short, aggressive, lethal...Legolas - Infinitely wiser in the book than in the movie. "A diversion." Was that line supposed to show his blondeness or what?Meriadoc Brandybuck - Faithful friend of Pippin... I have a friend just like that. We pull pranks & have fun together, but he's more cautious...Peregrin Took - My alter ego. I have a "Merry" too... very fun......Samwise Gamgee - Almost every LOTR personality quiz tells me that I'm Sam. That's a VERY good thing... I love Sam...Sauron - The ultimate bad guy (after Morgoth's demise, anyway). He's cool in his own way.Theoden - Wow. I'd love it if my country was ruled by a king like that instead of promise-making, promise-breaking politicians...Treebeard - If I was Pippin, Treebeard would be... Andy?

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