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Lord of the Rings obsession
I'm called elfamazone, im french and im SO obsessed with the Lord of the Rings. I never heard of it before the first movie came out and it was so good it made me read the books (which were really good too).<br>I've seen the Two Towers 12 times already and guess what ? I loved it too !
My favorite characters are:
Gollum/Smeagol - I find him so funny with his 2 personnalities he has coz of that ringLegolas - First he's an elf, and i love all elves ( well most elves, i can't stand Elrond nor Arwen, don't ask me why ) and he's really nice, strong and lush ! Elves are so better than us, humans !!Gandalf - I love his magical powers and he's really nice ( I love his horse too )Galadriel - Well an elven witch/queen who's pretty and gives loads of presents, who wouldn't like herBoromir - I like Boromir cause the ring is, I dont know how to say this, is eating him up and he cant do anything about it !Aragorn - Who wouldn't like Aragorn ? I mean he's nice, strong, can resist to the power of the ring and he's cute ! Even the elves like him !Sauron - I love bad guys !Treebeard - He like his slowliness and he's just... awesome !!
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