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Elfie's Home Sweet Home
Well, were to begin. I live in Wisconsin, U.S.A. I have a "half" brother that's 13 years older than me, his name's Ryan. And I have a "half" sister Emma, who just turned 3. My brother Ryan has a doughter Hailey whos'e 5, she's my niece. Yes I'm an aunt, not ANT, AUNT. I'm not a little thing that you can go around and step on, got it.
I've been to Florida twice and Hawaii once. And the trip to Hawaii was like the Brady Bunch for real. There were 11 of us, or was it 12?.. Oh well. We thought we lost 3 people because they wern't on the plane. But it ends up that they got to Hawaii even before we did, phew. My mom almost got arrested at an airport, I got an ear infection, and my mom almost drowned. In the side of the mountains they had little carved out cavernes. Along time ago that's how they got coal down the mountain, well one of them they filled with water so it was like a water slide. You went on giant tubes all the way down to the bottom. Only problom was, my uncle lost his swimm shorts. He then got the nick name 'Moony Bill'. It was pretty cool.
Well, I've got tons of pets, but my favorite of all is my idiotic cat Rascal. Rascal enjoys walking into walls and having my gerbals chase him. He likes to eat cheese pizza, popcorn, apple slices, bologna, bread, ice cream, cereal, cheetos, and well almost everything else you could possibly think of.
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckLegolasElrondCeleborn

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