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Welcome To My Sanctuary
My name is Elizabeth, but I'd rather be called Lisa or Eli. I am easy to get along with but I'm usually alone all the time which doesn't make any sense for me, I obviously love Lord Of The Rings cuz it has so many adventures and mysteries that brings out the little kid I have in me ... plus it also inspires me to write stories about it and other stuff, also cuz it brings me to their world in medievil times n it feels good to take a break from the real world.

My Hobbies:Drawing, writing stories, poems, songs, stuff like that, playing piano, violin and Bass, doing nothing, sleeping, dreaming

My Music: Nothin like kick-ass RRRRock!!!! Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, The Thursday, Army Of Anyone, Flyleaf, A.F.I., Godsmack, Papa Roach, Korn, From First To Last, Chevelle, Pain, A Static Lullaby, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, AND OTHER ROCK BANDS THAT ARE RULLING THE WORLD!!!!!!!

My favorite characters are:
Meriadoc Brandybuck - He's very funny, brave, friend to everyone, fast learnerPeregrin Took - HE'S SO F***ING HILARIOUS!!!! Has a huge appetite, does stupid things,smart, friend to everyone, quick learnerLegolas - I admit that he's soooooooooo goddamn HANDSOME!!!! A true friend, has great reflexes, sharp shooter, knows cool stunts, very brave, bitchin fighter, very funny when he wants, has a good heartGimli - I have to admit that it was cute when he got mad at Legolas cuz he's a short thing, very funny, excelent with his trusty axe, a good friendGandalf - A bitchin Wizard, friend to everyone, very wise, excelent fighterGaladriel - She's an angel, bitchin abilities, friend to everyone, generous, Frodo Baggins - He is a very curious character, always seeking adventure, strong, friend to everyone, kind, braveFaramir - He was never accepted at least to his father, but Boromir was all he needed in this world to stay alive (reminds me of myself), like his brother a good guy behind many details, strongEowyn - She is a true fighter, strong, friend to everyone, a simbol of woman power, brave, an angelEomer - I like the fact that during the time when his uncle was under a spell, he did everything that he could to keep his sister safe and he gave all his love to her and there should be more people similar to him in this cruel world. Elrond - He's a very good person, very wiseBoromir - He's a good guy behind many details, a bitchin fighter, a friend to everyoneBilbo Baggins - I wish I were to actually create a book jus like him, he's very active to be 111 years old, intelligent, a friend to everyone, and curious about the world and seeks adventure to escape where he really is Arwen - She's an angel, has bitchin abilities anyone could ask for, his boyfriend is so goddamn hot, a friend to everyone and is very sweetAragorn - I like Aragorn cuz he's brave, a bitchin sword fighter, his girlfriend is an angel, a leader, a friend to everyone and he has a good heartSamwise Gamgee - A true friend, funny, good fighterTreebeard - It'd be sweet to have a talking tree friend so u could smash all the bastards that are on the way, a good friend

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