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Lord of the rings // Elijah Wood
Well.. My name is Hege Johannessen.. I`m 15 years old and was born in Norway... I have 1 dog (German Shepherd) which name is Mira.. And I also have 24 bunnies.. My favourite actors in LOTR are Dominic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensen, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom, Sean Astin and Elijah Wood..

A lot of my friends loves Elijah, and we are BIG fans of him all of us... He is cool, nice, and a good actors...(and he has the same eyes as me=P)

My biggest dream ever is to meet Elijah sometime and talk to him.. I have dreamed of that in many years...

My favorite characters are:
Arwen - She is cool.. I`d like to be like her...Aragorn - He is cool.... And he is from the same country as me...Bilbo Baggins - He is a cool old man..Frodo Baggins - He is just adorable.. He is a sensitive hero.. I like that...Gimli - A cool little dwarf.. Funny to see him ride a horse:PLegolas - I like him.. He is nice...Meriadoc Brandybuck - What should Pippin do without his Merry??Peregrin Took - And what should Merry do without his Pippin??Samwise Gamgee - A good friend and a cool guy.. Allways cheering up and helping Frodo..Treebeard - I`d like to have an ent as him as my friend.... :P

Contact me:

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