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i love elijah jordan wood for eva
ok were to strt ?........ well i love elijah wood and i always talk about him its weard really. A word of warning unless u absolutly love elijah and like talking about him i wouldnt sat anything about him to me. well enogh about him. I have blond hair and blue eyes in 5'81/2 tall i know but thats the way i am i like elijah as u know i like hockey,reading (lord of the rings & harry potter) lol oh and i like ice hocky and base ball even tho im welsh not american i love americans my fave holiday is florida when im older i would like to go and live in america get an agent and become a actress i know it sound stupid but i really want to be an actress it look's hard but it also looks good to. my fave film is lird of the rings that stops some ppl talking to me because thay think im a geek but they dont realise how good it is. my friends are kerry, becky, sarah, aimee, nat, lorraine, stacey, and the rest frodo *elijah* is the best he is the hero in the film and he knows how to handle a sword he's the cutest to i also like *aragon* when he fights he also knows how to handle a sword *sam* is frodos guardner and he's so loyal to frodo thay r like brothers in the film he would do any thing for frodo *merry & pippin* are the best of friends thay r the funny ones who always makr me laugh but in the last film i nearly cry when they had to split up and pippin had to go to minestyrith is dat haw u spell it any way it was so sad but they r the best as for the res they r brilliant to all of them r brillian i love them so much and if u look at my pic u will see elijah jordan wood *frodo baggins*
My favorite characters are:
Meriadoc Brandybuck - still funnyPeregrin Took - still funnyerSamwise Gamgee - still so loyal and caring to frodo Legolas - i told u i love him not as much as elijah soz frodo i juse love frodo to much Frodo Baggins - cant get enogh of him can u well i cantAragorn - i already told u he's good at fifhting with a sword

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