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<b>Hi, I'm Mia and I'm 14 years old. I do believe that there is a middle earth. I love both the books and the movies. I love all of the charecters but My 4 favorite are Gandalf, Galadriel, Samwise, and Treebeard. If you know anything about Tolkien, you know he highly admired his mother and she was the one who encouraged him to write. He began to write even more after his mother passed away when he was 12. I love how he showed this through his books. If you notice, there is not one evil woman charectar. He had a very high respect for women. That is just one of the things that I love about Tolkien. Besides reading, I also Love Horseback riding. I've taken lessons western style for 3 years now. Please email me if you want to be friends. My e~mail is djchickybabe@yahoo.com. Bye!<br>~Elven*Maiden~</b>
My favorite characters are:
Galadriel - She is so beautiful. I just get this feeling everytime I read about her. I love her. Elves are so magical. Another thing I love about Tolkien is how he takes these Fairytale creatues we always hear about and makes them accesable, almost human. Because theGandalf - He's so mysterious and wise. I love his attitude and how he is so sweet around the hobbits and around children.Samwise Gamgee - He is so loyal to frodo and he'd kill anyone who would even attemept to lay a finger on Frodo. A true example of friendship.Treebeard - He's funny and I am just in awe of him. Ents are so beautiful. A wonderful example of Tolkien's imagination.
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