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I AM THE LORD OF THE RINGS !!!!!!(well i wish i was)
hey <br>my names trish and im 11 years old. i have been a lotr fan evr since i was 5. i try to read the book evry year, but sometimes school gets in the way. i was so excited when Peter Jakson decided to make the movies. ive seen TTT twice ,and FOTR like 50 times.i also make models 4 the battle game. (there so cool) <br>thanx 4 reading my fan page <br>trish (aka. elvenvballgirl)
My favorite characters are:
Bilbo Baggins - without him frodo wouldnt have his love for adventureArwen - she is so brave and kind. i wish i could be like herAragorn - Aagorn is my fav character because he is so good with his sword and is so athletic, plus he is very loyal.Elrond - he is a great leader and is always willing to helpEomerEowynFrodo Baggins - he is the ring bearer, good friend to samGaladriel - she is so nice and is the prettiest being in the whole storyGandalf - he never abandons the fellowship, even after he fellGimli - kinda stubborn, but finally becomes friends with LegolasGollum/SmeagolGrima WormtongueIsildurLegolas - he is so loyal , and is great with a bow and arrowMeriadoc Brandybuck - loyal to frodoPeregrin Took - also loyal to frodoSamwise Gamgee - he is the best friend in the whole of middle earthSarumanSauron - the perfect villainTheoden - a good leader of RohanTreebeard
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