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Elwe Elendil, the new elf
This is an elf who is ushering the return of the elves to the world. There is more to his story at my website(currently under construction). I am a huge fan of comics and I love to draw. More info later
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin Took - Soldier and guard of Gondor, foght on the feilds of Pelanore, best friends with MeriadocSamwise Gamgee - Best friend of Frodo Baggins, helps to see the ring destroyed and becomes a great warriorTheoden - Former king of Rohan, died at the hands of the Witch king and the Fell beastMeriadoc Brandybuck - Destroyer of the Witch King and a soldier of Gondor and best friend to Pergrin Took and TheodenGimli - Ushers in a new era where dwarves and elves get a long and best friend to LegolasLegolas - Prince of mirkwood, and the best archer in all of middle earthFrodo Baggins - The ring bearer, and so much better than his orgional character Bingo BagginsGandalf - Highest of the Isitari, he threw down the dark forces of Saruman and saw to the destruction of the one ringEowyn - Sister of Eomer and wife to the stuard of Gondor FaramirArwen - Daughter of Elrond Halfelven, bride of AragornEomer - New king of Rohan and friend to AragornTreebeard - Leader of the Ents and the destroyer of IsenguardAragorn - A decendant of the ancient kings of Numenor and king of Gondor(and the dead for that matter), he Rocks.
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