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Some songs, and a picture of Faramir:

Bealocwalm hafath freone frecan forth onscended
Giedd sculan singan gliomenn sorgiende on Meduselde

Home is behind the world ahead
And there are so many paths to tread
Through shadow, to the edge of night. Until the stars are all alight.
Mist and shadow, cloud and shade
All shall fade...All shall fade.
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin Took - Luvly accent as well. He sings. The best part of the movie, when he sings, and Denethor is eating, and Faramir is riding his horse to his (near) death.Samwise Gamgee - So trustworthy. If he hadn't gone with Frodo, we'd all be working for Sauron right now. Poor Sam. Did more crying in the movie than in the book. Has 13 children. Gollum/Smeagol - My precioussss. What a great line. What a multi-dimensional character. You have to feel sorry for such a corrupted soul. Andy Serkis. Brilliant man.Faramir - He is the best. He completely rejects the ring, in the book. He is so noble, and he marries Eowyn. Pretty cool. The houses of healing is one of the best chapters in the third book. The best scene in \"Return of the King\" is when he\'s riding to Osgiliath.Eowyn - The Golden Hall is the BEST CHAPTER IN THE LORD OF THE RINGS. It is so beautiful, the hall is beautiful. She has some great lines, as she vents to Aragorn how she is sick of being bossed around by men, and she wants to fend for herself and fight. She doesn't fear death, just a cage. She kicks some major Nazgul butt. She gets to marry Faramir! How cool is that. Plus the Rohirrim are the best. She also gets to sing in Old English (In the Two Towers)Boromir - Has best lines in the Fellowship. Cares about his people deeply. Sean Bean: great actor. Luvly accent.Eomer - Kicks butt during the fight at Helm\'s Deep! (In the book!)

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