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I'm Morwenna. I'm 15 years old and a vegetarian. I'm also a strong and dedicated Christian.
My favorite characters are:
Eowyn - Eowyn is my favourite, she's so different to the other characters. I like her strength and strong will to go to war unlike other women and her determination. She is quite discontented in herself and with her life following tragedies and i think that in the film miranda otto portays that well.Faramir - I love the fact that faramir can give eowyn what shes been seeking for a long time and im soo happy that he makes her happy! i think that faramir has good strength for being able to put up with denethorGaladriel - Mysterious and lovely, Galadriel is like the perfect wlf in the way i view them, with so much power and control yet that femininity stil shows through in her beautyGandalf - Gandalf is gandalf, wonderful and weirdGollum/Smeagol - tricksey, slippery, deceiving, but we all ove him really!Legolas - Legolas is like the cherry on top of the iced cake! i love him! espec in the movie! haha! i think hes soooo cool!Meriadoc Brandybuck - Who doesn't love merry?? =]Samwise Gamgee - Hes soooo sweet and i think that the way he sticks by frodo the whole way shows reali commitment and loyalty ... sams great!Theoden - I don't why i like theoden, i gess i think hes been very good to eowyn and eomer even though he was deceived

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