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Hi! I am Eowyn and this is all about me!
I guess you guys deserve to know a little about me...I was born in 7-4-89. I am a counselor at a summer camp in Oregon. I've met some of my best friends there. My camp name is Eowyn. You can probably tell by now that Eowyn is my favorite character. I am a total LOTR nut!. I've read the trilogy and the Hobbit. I'm working on reading the Silmarillion. I make it a point to show off how much I know about Middle Earth, but in reality I really don't know that much. What I do know impresses my friends, but I am always ready to learn more from someone else. I love writing stories and am currently working on a trilogy of my own. It isn't anywhere as good as Tolkien's work, but I'm just starting out.
I enjoy hanging out with friends and sharing stories with people. I hope to meet you if I haven't already. I am a lovable person really I am. Some people I'll mention no names. Tease me, they say I attract guys like a horse attracts flies. I've never had a boyfriend thoug. I have set some of best friends up with their dream guys and all of my stories have happy endings.
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckGollum/SmeagolFrodo BagginsFaramirEowyn

Contact me:

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