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Greetings all. I am Esmerelda. Though I wish I was writing from a cozy cottage in Queenstown NZ, I'm stuck here in Bloomington, IL. I was raised in Florida and have been up here in the midwest for about a year. I turned 31 in October.
Though I have a "real job," my free time and interests revolve around LOTR. Ever since I read the books in elementary school, I've been hooked. Now that the movies are made it's taken on a whole new meaning for me. The films, the music, the characters; never has any film moved me the way they do. PIPPIN is my favorite character. His simpleness, well-meaning and naivety is priceless.
My friends think I'm a fanatic, but I guess I am! I collect any kind of memorabilia I can get, have a FRODO LIVES sticker on my car and am getting a personalized license tag for my new car (PT Cruiser). I'm thinking FRODO 9/LOTR4ME or something like that.
Aside from all that, I enjoy traveling. I've only used my passport once and that was to Ireland, where my family is from. It was amazing. Next up is NZ. I've got the condo booked and can't wait to go in 2 years. (UGH-2 more years!!) I'm also a huge baseball fan (go NY Mets). I've got a few friends on the team and catch several major & AAA games during the season.
As for Middle-earth, I seem to go there every day in my mind. Oh to be a Hobbit!

"What about second breakfast?"
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin TookFrodo Baggins

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