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hmm...about me....well I love LOTR, obviously! I spend a lot of time on the computer, hanging with friends, playing LOTR games, and the whatnot!! I have brown hair, hazel eyes, etc...I have a Xanga website, so fell free to check it out at any time to get more info and all that good stuff... http://www.xanga.com/skin.asp?user=FantabbleTEG
Also, this is MySpace--http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=13090491&Mytoken=20050528132320
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - He is a loyal companion to Frodo!! He gets him through it!!Peregrin Took - Cutie Pie! Yet such a ditz!!Meriadoc Brandybuck - He keeps Pippin in check!Legolas - He is swift and very talented, sexy too!Gimli - Silly little dwarf!Gandalf - Ahh, the wise one, the one and only Gandalf!! Yes, he is Hot!Frodo Baggins - He's the ring bearer, need I say more?Galadriel - She's so mystical!Faramir - He is a loyal son, and a great man!Eowyn - She is so perdy and sweet!!Boromir - He had his mishaps, but he finally realized...Elrond - He is a great father...and a very wise elf!!Eomer - hmm...what to say?Bilbo Baggins - He made the story begin!!Arwen - She is very useful, and she must be special if she got Aragorn!!Aragorn - Oh, man is he hot!! And he does belong the King of Gondor!!

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