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Fresh - Moderator, Member, Friend.
Born on the 27th of December 1987 most likely I probably couldnt see very far.

I dont know.

I dont remember.

Do you remember your own birth?

Well shush then. ;)

A keen sportsman from an early age I really dont know how I got onto websites...Lord of the Rings was not an instant hit with me. I saw the first film when it came out, and although impressed, my obsession did not begin until after the Two Towers came out. After seeing the Extended DVD editions I became more and more interested. After several hundred viewings of the films I still loved them as much as I ever had, if not more with each time.

One day I was going on the internet. I didnt go on it very often but that day I did. I registered on this site. I was here for a while, but then a problem with the site led me to be offline for two months. But when I returned, the problem fixed I became a large member of the group.

Ironically I became a large member altogether. With my constant sitting before the computer I soon weighed over six tonnes and ate more krill in a single sitting that a blue whale.

I dont remember how I started eating krill. Perhaps it was during a snack while I was having a bath. And no lake could hold me any more. So I went in the sea.

Who knows.

Moving on, I am still an active member of this site, and now a Moderator as well.

I soon became interested in website administration and design. My latest project has taken me to new highs, and I am very pleased with the ongoing results.

I hope you will visit my site and tell me what you think, as feedback is always welcomed.


I must go now.

It is gone five o clock and dinner will be ready in a few hours. I must start making my way to the dining room. These forklifts are terribly slow.

If you, like me, are having problems signing on, click 'tools > internet options > delete cookies' and you should be fine.

Enjoy the site! :D
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckLegolasGil GaladGandalfEowynElrondBoromirBilbo BagginsAragorn

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