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I am new to the world of Tolkien. The films are incredible and I've gone bonkers (yes!) over them.<br><br> I'm really into languages, especially Scottish Gaelic and Japanese. I live in Los Angeles, which more often than not isn't a good thing... alas!<br><br> My favorite in the film is Frodo because he looks so beautiful. He is more youthful and naive than in the book maybe, but he brings a different approach to the character that works so well. The faux Brit accent suits young Mr. Wood very well too! Yes, Aragorn is very sexy. I might be the only female who is <u>not</u> hot for Legolas (??)<br><br> I love history, especially of the British Isles. Pre-Christian era Northwestern Europe is of great interest to me. I am also interested in ghosts, the supernatural, occult powers, Celtic languages, and British guitar rock 'n' roll (!!!)<br><br> I hope to find some internet friends around my age (over 25, let's leave it at that ;) ) with common interests.<br>My email might not be showing, but you can contact me at hollywoodlegend@yahoo.com if you like. Please put something about Frodo in the subject so I'll know you're one of the good guys (gals!)<br><b>
My favorite characters are:
Eowyn - She is a strong woman and wants her liberty even if she has to fight for it.Frodo Baggins - He is so self-less and has those huge blue eyes!Peregrin Took - Pippin is so adorable and comical even in the worst of situations. Glezga accents rule!
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