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The Lord of The Rings as it will.....as it is.....as it always....
Hunting Frodo are Servents of the Dark Lord ,Sauron,the Ring's evil creator. They are the spirits of the 9 dead men who possesed Rings of Power some 60 years earlier in the Shire. My favorite line from the first movie comes from the wizzard "Gandalf" "a wizzard is never late Frodo Baggins, nor is he early. He arrives precisly when he means to!" And in the begining is a song I am sure you are familiar with. "Down from the door where it began, And I must follow if I can, The road goes ever on and on,Down from the door where it began,Now far ahead the road has gone,And I must follow if I can!" Who there sharith my faith? Come and follow......
My favorite characters are:
Frodo Baggins - I like Frodo Baggins because he is the leader. The one and only who can bare a ring without it possesing his wants or desires for it.Gil Galad - Is just a favorite--nothing too special!Legolas - Another favorite because he allows Frodo to be lead onto a quest to rid all of the Ring.Samwise Gamgee - Samwise Gamgee is also a favorite of mine because he shows color! He was told by Gandalf not to leave Frodo and he never does. He even almost drounds as a result.
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