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Hey! My name is Amari:
Hello! my name is Amari and i live in Wisconsin. I am completly in love with the Lord of the Rings, and have been for many years. Tolkien's work has captivated my mind and spirit through his wonderful books and now equally beautiful movies. I can't thank Peter Jackson and his talented cast and crew enough for bring Tolkien's world to life!
My favorite part of the Lord of the Rings would have to be the unfaling, and loyal relationship of Frodo and Sam. I think that each one of us needs a compaionship like these to hobbits have. I am fortunate enough to have a compaion like sam; loyal, caring, and a huge heart. I can't thank my best friend Emily enough!

My favorite characters are:
Arwen - She is the ultimate princess! She really is beautiful!Aragorn - Man! I, like every other normal girl, must say....HOT! I love a man who doesn't mind getting down and dirty! Bilbo Baggins - What can I say? I just LOVE hobbits!Boromir - He gave his life for Merry and Pippin! who wouldn't love him!Eomer - He is so loyal to his people! You go boy! Eowyn - Now she rocks! That's what I call girl power! lolFaramir - ohhhh, that sweet face!Frodo Baggins - Frodo and Sam, are my ultimate favorite characters, for their unconditional love for each other! Now that is a friendship! Galadriel - She is just so pretty! I love her hair! Gandalf - Well, he is very helpful. Without him, the fellowship would have failed a long time ago!Gimli - He is always their to provide comical relief!Legolas - ....must I say it? I think we all know! He is pretty hot!Meriadoc Brandybuck - HOBBITS! lol he is so cute!Peregrin Took - This guy had me laughing 'till I cried! lolSamwise Gamgee - Anyone who would carry their best friend up a volcano after he told him to go home, is just one of the coolest people on Earth!...or should I say, Middle Earth.

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