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Galaghien's Weak Words
Well ... I am a student, and my true love is movies. I am also an avid reader, but I hadn't read the trilogy until after The Fellowship of the Ring came out in 2001, but I had read the Hobbit and I did enjoy that. I was actually forced to see the movie by a family member when it was in theatres, but by the time we walked out of the theatres I knew of its impact. Since then the LOTR has had a great deal to do with my life. I love being carried away to Middle Earth and I wish I could just stay there always ... as i'm sure we all do. Other than that, I am a treehugger to some, and "mentally ill" to others. I can be percived many ways I suppose. I love the watch mainly adventure/action movies ... not only that really ... basically GOOD movies. I like good movies. haha. And as I also said I love to read. I like to paint and write as well. I'm still in high school. wow .. I've never written this much on one of these before ... consider yourself lucky I guess. cheers. :)
My favorite characters are:
TreebeardSamwise GamgeeGaladrielBilbo BagginsArwen

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